Summer Solstice

A Wonderfully Vivid Historical Novel
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed “EMMA: West of Wessex Girl”. I’m not usually the type of reader who delves into historical biographical novels, but after the book was recommended I decided to give it a chance and actually enjoyed it. Peter Tait has a gift for writing that shines through the book, weaving a fantastically engaging tale of the death of Emma Hardy and how her death played a significant part in reshaping the thoughts and life of her husband Thomas Hardy.

The book is well-written with an eye for detail, a vibrant tone and a clear emotional and historical focus on Thomas Hardy’s experiences and exploration of the woman who was his wife. The writing is swift, sharp, fast-paced and wonderfully engaging… telling an unusual tale of how a man only truly began to know his wife after her passing. It’s well-researched and fantastically thorough, offering a glimpse into the mind of the well-known author who lived a tumultuous life with Emma Hardy.

From beginning to end I found myself swept up in the writing, taking me on a rare journey of discovery and exploration that has me eager to read more long after the book was finished. I would say this was well worth the read and would recommend it to readers looking for a well-written and engaging book to get swept up in for a while.

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